Canteen 1

Canteen 1 is a 2013 Freightliner/Custom Mobile Food Equipment rehab vehicle. This unit is a near identical design to Providence Canteen‘s Canteen 1 (with some minor changes). Canteen 1 is our primary response vehicle and is the pride and joy of our organization.

This unit was donated to us by Dunkin’ Donuts at the cost of $251,000.

Canteen 1 features a full stainless steel interior as well as the following equipment:

  • 33 kilowatt diesel generator
  • Dual Refrigerators
  • Dual Freezers
  • Dual Commercial Microwaves
  • 3, three burner coffee makers
  • 6- burner stove & convection oven
  • Steam table for soups and chowders
  • 2 self-serve taps for Water & Gatorade
  • On board Restroom

Interior of Canteen 1.