Box 4 Special Services Receives Grant from the Dunkin’ Donuts Foundation

Steve Favulli, President of Box 4 Special Services, explains our operations to Benny Omid, Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee & Northeast Co-Chair of the Joy in Childhood Foundation

Box 4 Special Services is proud to announce that we have received a $10,000 grant award from the Joy in Childhood Foundation (the giving arm of Dunkin’ Donuts). This award will allow Box 4 to continue our services and to provide a better canteen and rehab service.

Dunkin’ Donuts, through their Joy In Childhood Foundation, announced in late October that it had awarded Box 4 a $10,000 grant to be put towards operational expenses and truck maintenance.

Box 4 is extremely proud to be the recipient of this grant award.


About Those Facebook Ads…

By now, there are two Facebook Ads going around on Facebook and Instagram advertising the calendar. Why is a non-profit organization, that depends entirely on donations, spending money on ads?

Well, there’s a good reason for it.

Several weeks ago, a friend of one of our members passed word along about a giveaway for Facebook and ActionSprout were hosting for Facebook Ad credits for non-profits and causes. She put in an application for another local non-profit she is heavily involved with, the Friends of Newton Hill, and recommended we do the same. We promptly applied, and shared the information with our sister organizations.

Earlier this week on December 1st, both organizations received word that they were awarded ad credits.

Box 4 Special Services was awarded a total of $900 worth of ad credits, spread out in three, $300 awards for the next three months.

It is important to note that Box 4 Special Services will never pay for digital advertising using your donations! We are very proud of the entirely organic growth of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers, and we will NEVER pay for likes or follows.

For the immediate time being, there are two “sponsored posts” going around on Facebook and Instagram. The first is our original announcement about the calendar, dating back to November 6th, and to date it has reached over 12,700 people. (On a slightly embarrassing note, we do acknowledge the grammatical error on the first post, but we unfortunately cannot change it.)

The second one is a shared post from the Worcester Pulse, and has been removed as of December 17th.

These ads for the calendar will end on Christmas, and are the only Box 4 ads currently running. It is currently unknown what content will be sponsored in January and February, but it will likely go towards another fundraiser or fundraising initiative for Box 4.

From all of us at Box 4 Special Services, THANK YOU for your continued support!

WORCESTER’S SMOKIN’ HOT HEROES: A Calendar to Benefit Box 4 Special Services!

Box 4 Special Services is proud to announce that the 2016 Smokin’ Hot Heroes Calendar – showcasing Worcester Fire’s own, is now for sale! Net Proceeds from calendar sales will benefit Box 4.

To purchase the calendar, stop by at any participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations, the Worcester Fire Department Credit Union, or you can do so directly online.

A full article on this is available from the Telegram and Gazette HERE.

Box 4 would like to thank everyone involved for making this happen!

Box 4’s New Website Goes Live!

October 27, 2015 (Worcester, MA) – Box 4 Special Services is proud to announce our new website is finally up and running. After several weeks of hard work and sleepless nights to design, host, tweak, and perfect our new website, Box 4 is proud to announce that is now live!

Visitors to our new website can find more information about Box 4 than was previously available at our old website, including information about our History, Apparatus, Sponsors, the ever popular Scanner Feed (courtesy of Joe Tortorelli of ScanWorcester) and several other pages worth of updated information.

Also included in our new website is a PayPal Donation button. If you’ve ever looked at our old website and wondered how to donate, this option now exists for people like you to donate to our organization and allow us to continue our services. If your business would like to become a sponsor, this information is also available at our Donate page.

Additionally, if you have ever wanted to volunteer with us, you can now file a Membership Application with us online. All applicants are subject to background checks.

We have also added several features behind the scenes for our volunteer members – creating new systems and resources to ensure maximum efficiency of their time and effort.

Lastly, we want to hear your feedback! If you find something broken or have suggestions about our new site, let us know! Email Mike Amidon, the site’s webmaster, at

Box 4 Response Maps

Ever wondered where Box 4 Special Services has been and what we’ve done? Click on the links below to open Google Maps showing where we have been over the years. Please note that these maps are a constant work in progress and unless noted otherwise, it is possible that there are missing items.

Year : Number of Runs, Map Link

2013: 52 2013-2014 Map
2014: 54 2013-2014 Map
2015: 50 2015 Map
2016: 77, 2016 Map
2017: In Progress, 2017 Map

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